12 iulie 2015

www.upparh.com - Change it up! - transforming built space

Things have been slow around here also because I started something new... a website www.upparh.com - where I write about converting existing buildings and interior design objects in the line of thought of improving life quality and also diminishing architectural waste and pollution.

Do you happen to pass by such buildings on your way to school or work ?
Or maybe you have memories about one special building that made an impression on you, only to see it now left to waste…
Do you happen to spend any time in a rehabilitated old building? Or maybe go to concerts and art exhibitions in a former factory that now functions as a gallery? How do you feel in these kind of spaces? What do you like or dislike most about them?
If you would like to share anything on the subject, please go on the website and leave a comment or send an e-mail to anadanielapopescu@yahoo.com
I’d love to hear your stories about old buildings and converted spaces!

5 iulie 2015


I haven't drawn much lately, but made some collages for the parody  poems of my
high school English teacher :)
I found I like making these collages very much!