21 iunie 2015

ECO@Electric Castle Festival Visuals

I made these visuals for MaiNoi ONG that is in charge with the ECO section at the Electric Castle Festival at Bonțida, Cluj - Romania.  It was fun! 3 more days and it begins :)

18 mai 2015

The Nest

These are the first ideas and sketches for the local Library's "nest" space - a project about supporting democratic values and active citizenship.

The collages in the  background are made by Derek Gores and are only there to suggest the idea of a "collage wall". 

3 mai 2015

Talenthouse Contest - New LG "Looking Good"

This is also made for a contest on Talenthouse - for the new LG G flex 2, trying to emphasize the elegant curved design, with reference to the Flamenco Red back case and trying to make the best of the "Looking Good" theme.