12 octombrie 2015

Republic of Change - Indiegogo Campaign #ROCCLIMATE

Julien and Lucy from Republic of Change launched this Indiegogo Campaign to raise money to plant 1,000 000 trees. Mangroves more exactly - because mangroves: 

a) absorb 3 to 4 times more CO2 than regular trees

b) planting trees near the equator (tropics) have better efficiency in terms of sequestering CO2

c) there is a social component whereby we hire unemployed people living in extreme poverty to help lift themselves out of poverty.

They need your support! 
If you would like to contribute, you can do so and plant one tree for just one dollar! If you want to contribute with a bigger amount of money, there are very cute perks ready for you!...as you can see above, in these images I made for the campaign page.
You can go see the campaign here.


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